Why Glida

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This little mutt with a healthy ego inspired in me the idea of creating a website. The site has evolved since , but it’s core, seeing hazily, remained intact.

Glida was born in Israel and immigrated to the US in 1996. She’s a mutt with bogus interests and limited social skills, much like her dad. Besides chasing squirrels and bunnies (she never caught one!), she likes her two walks a day — rain or shine — and getting unhealthy treats.
Feel free to roam the site and get lost in its forbidden lifelessness.

Sadly, on November 19, 2011, Glida passed away at 17. They say about Israeli natives (such as Glida and I), that we’re like Sabras (Israeli cactus): prickle on the outside and sweet on the inside. Glida, however, was prickle on the outside and prickle on the inside. Gonna miss you tons “Doggy Bag.”

About the author of this site:

I have combat PTSD and a typewriter. Who’s gonna win? 💙 I’m stuck on age 28 for eternity, which is both gratifying and annoying… Enjoy browsing!  🥺 ze%cc%88e

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